Various Practical Training Courses


3 courses: Regular Motor Vehicle, Regular Motor Vehicle Second Class, Regular and Large-size Motorcycle
Instructors are all licensed professionals.

Entrance Fee 0  50mins / lesson 7,500 yen

Term of validity:6 months from lesson start date. ※Plus TAX

Regular Motor Vehicle Course

Regular Motor vehicle You can choose AT (Automatic Transmission) or MT (Manual Transmission) course in our school. Of course the entrance fee is ¥0 for both courses.
Unlike authorized schools, as the minimum number of lesson hours is not required for getting the license, you can get the license faster and cheaper.

Regular Motor Vehicle Second Class Course

Second Class License Those who want to operate a taxi or work for driving services must get Second class license. Recently there is an advantage of getting welfare-related jobs with this license. The entrance fee is 0 yen for this course as well.
It is required to be over 21 years old and have Regular motor vehicle license for 3 year before getting this license. It is recommended for people wishing to obtain a license quickly.

Regular and Large Size Motorcycle

Regular and Large Size Motorcycle Motorcycle touring is still popular among young people. Why don't you also get a license and enjoy motorcycle touring? We recommend this course to people who want to get motorcycle and ride a Harley. Of course entrance fee is ¥ 0 in our school.
Your age must be over 16 years old to get Regular motorcycle license and for Large-size motorcycle license, over 18 years old is required. We will support you to get the license as quick as possible.