Transferring Foreign License to Japanese One


This plan is for foreigners who have driver's license in their country and want to change it to Japanese driver's license. We are looking forward to meeting all your needs to help you changing your license.

This course is for preparation for the practical test. Not all foreign drivers' licenses can be changed into Japanese one. There are some foreign licenses which can be changed directly into Japanese license. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Entrance Fee 0  50mins / lesson 7,875 yen

Price list of Transferring Foreign License Course

Term of validity:3 months from lesson start date. ※Plus TAX

(1 lesson / 50 mins.)
Entrance Fee Lesson Fee Textbooks Fee Total Amount
Switching Foreign License
(2 Lessons)
0yen 15,000yen - 15,000yen
Switching Foreign License
(4 Lessons)
0yen 30,000yen - 30,000yen