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Can I take a paper test lesson and driving practical lesson on a same day?

Yes. Starting with either lesson would be fine. Usually they start with a paper test lesson first in our school.

I have not driven a car since I got my licence. Can I go for a road practice with an instructor?

Yes. We have various courses to fulfil your needs.

I have a license of my own country. How can I transfer it to a Japanese one?

You can transfer your license at a driving test centre in each prefecture. Please note that there are exceptional countries whose licenses are not applicable to be transferred.

Is it possible to change the lesson course along the way?

Basically it is possible but some curses are not.

How long will it take to get a license with daily use level of Japanese language?

It differs person to person as each customer has his/her own learning pace. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email for more information.

I'm a foreigner and not good at Japanese. Do you have textbooks written in other languages?

Yes, we have textbooks translated into several languages.

Do I need to have a certain level of Japanese language skill?

This is possible without knowing "aiueo".
Many students who failed to pass this exam because they went to another school were submitted.

How do I take a practical lesson?

You and your instructor will talk in person and decide in a way how you'd like.

How much dose it cost to take a regular vehicle license?

Regarding the basic cost, please refer to the page of Lesson fee. The total amount of the fee depends on your driving skill.

By when should I pay the lesson fee?

Please pay before you start the first lesson. We also accept instalment payment as well.

There are Automatic license and Manual license. Which license do you recommend to take?

Automatic licence is easier to take. Changing Automatic licence to Manual licence will not take long time.

What should I bring when I join the school?

Please bring your residency certification with information of your permanent residential address ( if your nationality is not Japanese, please bring your alien card.). If you have a driving licence, please bring it instead of residential certification. Please also bring your name stamp (Inkan/Hanko) and 3pcs of ID photos (Size: H3.0cm x W2.4cm). Please pay the half amount of enrolment fee and lesson fee on the enrolment day.

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