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Specific Training Course

Specific Training Course

What is Specific training course?

Specific training course is a set of trainings that you have to complete before getting your driver's license.

※Each training (A, B and C) is strictly limited to maximum 3 people at a time.
※Expressway toll: 900yen

Specific Training for Regular Motor Vehicle License

Trainings Training Hours Training FeesWhat to bring
A: Danger anticipation training 2 hours   - Learner's permit
- ID photo: 2pcs
- Training Fees
- Those who are exempted from taking course C must bring the copy of the license or certification
B:Expressway Training 2 hours
C: First-aid treatment training 3 hours
Total Amount
(Course set ABC)
7 hours 15,000Yen+TAX

*The course for specific training contains Danger anticipation training (2hours), Expressway training (2hours) and First-aid treatment (3hours).
For Specific training of Regular motorcycle license, Danger anticipation training (3hours) and First-aid treatment (3hours).

*Doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, emergency life- saving technicians ,red cross first aid trainers, emergency personnel of the fire service and first aid trainers etc., such license holders, or those who have a license of Large-size or Regular-size motorcycle or Regular vehicle license will be exempted from First-aid treatment (3hours) for regular license and for motorcycle license.

* 2 photos with size of 30mmx24mm

* In case cancelation on the day, being late or forgetting to bring Learner's permit for course A will be considered as absent from the course. No compensation class for this will be available and you will be charged another 15,000Yen+TAX to take the course again.]


* Those who are late for the training, even for a second, will not receive the training.
Please note that it will be considered as absent.

* Those who take Specific training for regular motor vehicles license must not forget to bring their Learner's permit. In case you did, please note that it will be considered as absent.


* 各教習項目共、時間の多少に関わらず開始時間に遅れた場合には教習は受けられません。

* 普通免許に係る特定教習は、仮免許証を忘れると受講できません。

* いかなる理由があっても教習料金は返金できませんのでご了承下さい。

Designation and end certificate

After attending the specific training, the school will issue a certificate of completion.The expiration date is one year.
Those who have not taken the specific training by taking the direct test are available nationwide.


We accompany you at driver’s license center.

Those who need a translator or for the first timers.

We will guide you until you finish the application and exam at driver’s center.


Service fee 15,000yen~

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