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Transferring Foreign License to Japanese One

This plan is for foreigners who have driver's license in their country and want to change it to Japanese driver's license. We are looking forward to meeting all your needs to help you changing your license.

This course is for preparation for the practical test. Not all foreign drivers' licenses can be changed into Japanese one. There are some foreign licenses which can be changed directly into Japanese license. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

License Center - -how to make abooking for practice at Samezu

Available time slots - only Saturday and only At practice available.

You need to make a booking by yourself.Thelicense center asks you for your identity all the time. if you cannot speak Japanese, please get help from someone who chan speak Japanese.

As the number of avaliable slots is highly limited, 10 cars for 1slot at the same time, you must make a booking in advance,e.g.few weeks earlier.

We offer this lesson to two cases, a foreign license transfer test and beginner license holder for parallel parking. The benefit of this lesson is that you can practice at the actua license center course for your upcoming driving tests. So will be able to get to know better about the course and enentually get more confident about exam criteria.

Usage fee: 2200 yen for course usage and insurance(you will need to pay at the license center on the day)
Lesson fee:14580 yen for paperwork assistance and brief explanation at the center for 30 minutes and 1 hr driving lesson. (you need to pay in advance to us for a firm booking)

You must come at least 40 minutes earlier to Samezu center by yourself. Our instructor will be waiting for you there. If you come late even 1 minute,you cannot enter the practice course. There will be many other people, including local Japanese people, watigng for their practice turns.It is very important to come on time.

We will not give you refund for the lesson fee if you come late or cancel the lesson without notice. You can cancel or change the lesson date at least 1 day before the booking date.
You must inform us in advance otherwise we won't be respensible for any incident.

Only the instructor and yourself can use the course.

The details of license change are published on the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department website.


7500yen 7500yen

Price list of Transferring Foreign License Course

Term of validity:3 months from lesson start date. *include tax

(1 lesson / 60 mins.)
Entrance Fee Lesson Fee Textbooks Fee Total Amount
Switching Foreign License
(3 Lessons)
0yen 25,800yen - 25,800yen
Switching Foreign License
(4 Lessons)
0yen 34,400yen - 34,400yen
Switching Foreign License
(5 Lessons)
0yen 43,000yen - 43,000yen
Switching Foreign License
(6 Lessons)
0yen 51,600yen - 51,600yen
Switching Foreign License
(7 Lessons)
0yen 60,200yen - 60,200yen
Switching Foreign License
(8 Lessons)
0yen 68,800yen - 68,800yen
  • *We offer a 3 hour course for foreign license changeover.
  • *The lesson fee includes the cost of teaching materials.
  • *Please choose a course according to your desired time for skill training.
  • *It is possible to add regular road practice to the course after switching to a foreign license.
  • *You can have as many hours of practice as you wish.

Full Support Plan

Complete foreign driving switchover, fully guaranteed until you pass!

If you are a foreigner who is anxious about applying for the test center or uncertain about your driving skills, we encourage you to apply. Please consider a full support plan, including the procedures and methods of overseas support at JAF. We will support you.

Term of validity:3 months from lesson start date. *include tax

(1 lesson / 60 mins.)
Entrance Fee Total Amount
Full Support Plan 0yen 198,000yen


We accompany you at driver’s license center.

Those who need a translator or for the first timers.

We will guide you until you finish the application and exam at driver’s center.


*include tax

Service fee 17,500yen~

If you have any questions please message us by Email.

We are very involved, so we recommend you to contact us by LINE or e-mail.

You can also contact us by LINE.

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For inquiry 24 hours by email
Please feel free to contact us.