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Enrollment Information

Enrollment Information

Types Regular Second Class
(Taxi etc)
Semi-Medium Vehicle Regular Motor Vehicle Motorcycle
Age Over 21 years old
(Required to have Regular motor vehicle license for at least 3 years.)
Over 18 years old
(Over 18 years old when applying for learner's permit.)
Over 18 years old
(Over 18 years old when applying for learner's permit.)
*Regular motorcycle: 16years old
*Large-size motorcycle:18years old
Eyesight *Required 0.8with both eyes.
*Required0.5for each eye.
*Using contact lens and eye glasses permitted.
*Required0.7with both eyes.
*Required 0.3for each eye.
*Using contact lens and eye glasses permitted.
Color Recognition Red, Blue(Green) and Yellow must be recognized.
Hearing Using hearing aids not permitted for Second class license.
Body No difficulties in driving.
※Physical check up is required if you are physically challenged. Please go to Public safety commission (Driver's license centre) in advance.
※For Motorbike license: You should be able to set up the center kick-stand. You should be able to touch the ground with the tips of your both feet when straddling the motorbike. You should be able to push the motorbike and cut a figure 8 by yourself.
Background Those who committed violation of traffic regulation within past 3 years must tell it when applying for another license. In order to get the license back, the person has to take a lecture about driver's discipline at Driver's license centre. (For more information, please contact Driver's License center.)

Requirements for application

You must bring the followings when you apply:

  • Driver's License (if you have one.)
  • Certificate of Residenceshowing your legal domicile, issued within 3 months (Please bring this one if you have no license.)
  • People who have foreign nationality need to submit Alien Registration Card and Certificate of registered matters. (Issued within 3 months)
    (Not needed for foreigners who have already Japanese Driver's License)
  • Personal Stamp(Inkan)Rubber stamp will not be accepted.
  • Contact lens or Eye glasses(If your eyesight is not good enough.)
  • Passport ID photo 3 pcs(3cm × 2.4cm)

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