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  • You can choose a course you need from various courses for both written study and driving practice.
  • You can get your driver's license faster and cheaper.
  • We can adjust our lesson schedule to your time
  • You can practice as many hours as you want.
  • You can take a lesson with your friends.
  • All the instructors are certified and have experience of teaching in authorized driving schools.
  • We aim to be the best school for foreigners and we have received good reputations.
  • Our English,Korean, Chinese and Japanese staff can always support you.
  • Textbooks in Chinese and Korean language are also available.
  • You will have chances to make friends with people from various countries.

Perfectly suitable for those who...

  • worry about Japanese Language and Written examination.
  • go driving lessons but couldn't get driver's license until now.
  • gave up getting Japanese driver's license after trying many times.
  • want to be ensured to obtain a driver's license.
  • are busy for school or work.
  • want to do road practice in different places.
  • Those who wish to reacquire a driver whose license has expired.
  • Those who wish to switch their license acquired in their home country to a Japanese license.

Differences between Non-designated schools (FCA) and Designated Schools

Differences Schools (FCA) Designated Schools
Qualified Instructors No need to have the instruction certificate. But our instructors have it and they are professional. Instructors must have a license from public safety commission to teach.
Driving practice locations Our driving practice site is exactly the same with designated school. We can do our road practice in different places. Driving practice and test site width must be according to the law of public safety commission.
Driving practical lessons There is no limit for driving practice in one day so you can practice to drive as long as you want. 1st stage (Before having learners permit) 2 hrs. in 1 day.
2nd stage (After having learners permit) 3 hrs. in 1 day.
Written exam course We will finish studying as soon as you have enough knowledge to pass exam. You must study at least 26 hours (minimum studying hours regulated by law).
Learners Permit
(Written exam and Test-site driving)
At Public Safety Commission designated test site(drivers license centre)
(ex:Fuchu・Samezu・Kounosu etc).
In the driving schools.
Driver's License(Driving test) At Public Safety Commission designated test site(driver's license center)
(ex:Fuchu・Samezu・Kounosu etc).
In driving schools.
Drivers License(Written exam) At Public Safety Commission
designated test site (driver's license center) (ex. Fuchu, Samezu, Kounosu etc).
At Public Safety Commission designated test site(driver's license center) (ex. Fuchu, Samezu, Kounosu etc).
Special lesson First aid , Expressway Danger anticipation Not included in training program (but FCA gives special training lessons about First- aid Expressway and Danger anticipation). Included in lesson programs.
Business hours No need to report it to Public Safety Commission. Report is required by Public Safety Commission.
Validity of authorization All the exams have to be done at Driver's license centre. You don't have to take some part of practical driving tests.

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